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I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe Chapter 835 - Chapter 835: A Child’s Play Skill, But Very Useful! (2)

Chapter 835 - Chapter 835: A Child’s Play Skill, But Very Useful! (2)

Chapter 835: A Child’s Play Skill, But Very Useful! (2)
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Just as the Flower Demon flew up, the steel whip-like tail behind the Black-Spotted Tiger suddenly moved. Its black tail spikes attacked the Flower Demon at lightning speed.
It was obvious that the other party knew that if they wanted to win this battle, they had to cripple the flower demon first.
However, Little Flame was not to be trifled with.
Seeing the other party’s swift and violent attack, its three heads opened their mouths at the same time and let out a deafening roar.
The ferocious dog’s roar stunned the Black-Spotted Tiger for a moment.
This time was enough for the Little Flame to successfully pounce in front of the Black-Spotted Tiger and bite its neck. At the same time, it could also successfully let the Little Flower Demon leave the range of the poison.
After a crisp sound, Little Flame, who was biting the Black-Spotted Tiger, felt like it had bitten a steel plate.
Its teeth were almost loosened from the impact.
However, the other party was not completely unscathed.
Little Flame realized that some cracks had appeared where it had bitten.
In other words, the outer layer of skin on the other party’s body was not truly invulnerable.
After discovering this, Little Flame began to use the advantage of having three heads to fight the Black-Spotted Tiger.
However, the other party was not easy to deal with.
The reason why the Black-Spotted Tiger was called the Black-Spotted Tiger was not only because of the black spots on its body, but also because it was a shadow-type beast.
However, its ability was not like the Shadow Leopard, where it could directly disappear and hide in the darkness. Instead, it transformed into a black spot in the forest and could move at the same time.
Of course, if one’s eyes were good enough to capture the moving spot, they would be able to find it.
But wasn’t this easier said than done?
After dodging Little Flame’s attack, the Black-Spotted Tiger disappeared from sight.
Little Flame was at a loss at first. Fortunately, Su Qingqing reminded it in time.
“Watch out for spots on the trees and the ground!”
“Watch out for the moving ones!”
These were all methods that she had used before, so Su Qingqing did not panic at all.
It was the same for Little Flame.
After receiving Su Qingqing’s reminder, its three heads began to patrol in different directions.
At the same time, the flower demon in the sky was also observing the surrounding situation.
Moreover, because its position was relatively high, it could see clearly.
After exclaiming, the Flower Demon suddenly pointed to a spot behind Little Flame on the right.
When Little Flame heard the commotion, it immediately turned around and opened its mouth.
Coincidentally, it collided with the Black-Spotted Tiger that crawled out of the shadows.
The two beasts immediately closed in and bit again.
However, because Little Flame had three heads, it could still continue to breathe fire.
However, the Black-Spotted Tiger also had poisonous stingers on its tail, so the chaotic battle between the two sides directly started to injure both sides.
Much of the outer skin on the Black-Spotted Tiger’s body had been torn apart or burned by Little Flame. On the other hand, Little Flame’s body had also been bitten and scratched. There were also many blood marks and some poison that had been injected into his body by the poisonous thorns.
If not for the fact that the Flower Demon had been using “Vitality” on Little Flame in the sky, it would have been in a much more sorry state.
Of course, the other party’s Black-Spotted Tiger was not any better.
After a short separation, the two sides began a new round of fighting.
This pure hand-to-hand combat made the audience who were watching the competition exclaim in satisfaction.
After all, in the previous match between Tang Tian and Yang Fugui, other than the beginning of the close combat between the Master-level Special Fighting Bear and the Metal Devouring Flood Dragon, the rest of the time, it was a little one-sided.
It wasn’t exciting enough.
This was unlike now where the difference in strength between the two sides was not big. Moreover, when they fought, it was the kind where each punch hit the flesh.
It made one’s blood boil.
Many of the tens of thousands of people on the sidelines were shouting loudly.
Some of the bolder ones simply took off their clothes.
However, the cheers did not last long.
While they were fighting, the Flower Demon that had been above Little Flame secretly came up and scattered a lot of itchy pollen on it.
In the beginning, when this thing was sprinkled on its body, it would not be noticed at all.
Only when it felt it would it realize that it had been tricked.
But it was already too late.
Although it wouldn’t really be unbearable, it would definitely affect its movements.
Little Flame, on the other hand, understood the logic of taking advantage of one’s weakness to take one’s life. It immediately began to take advantage of the situation.
Because its movements had been slowed down by the Flower Demon, Xu Yang, who was at the side of the arena, sighed unwillingly and chose to admit defeat.
After all, if they continued fighting, other than injuring the beasts more seriously, there was no other possibility.
Actually, he had considered the existence of the Flower Demon before the competition.
After all, Su Qingqing had won more than once with the seemingly childish skill of itching pollen.
However, at that time, Xu Yang thought that after the Black-spotted Tiger fused with the Poison-tailed Giant Scorpion, a hard shell with extremely strong defense would form on the outside of its fur.
Therefore, it should be able to deal with the itchy powder.
Moreover, just in case, Xu Yang’s target was the Flower Demon from the beginning.
But it just didn’t work.
Moreover, Xu Yang did not expect the two sides to fight like this…
The outer shell on the black-spotted tiger’s body had been knocked off. All these factors could only be summarized with a helpless sigh in the end.
“My skills are inferior…”
As the competition ended, the audience below the stage gave Su Qingqing and Xu Yang warm applause and cheers.
As a loser, Xu Yang was not ridiculed or cursed by the audience. Instead, after he left the stage, someone immediately looked for him.
“Mr. Xu, I wonder if you have a job now. Our Xu Trading Company is lacking the strength of Beast Tamers like you…
Xu Yang’s main family was the first to come looking for him.
Although they were both surnamed Xu, Xu Yang and Xu Jun were worlds apart.
Xu Yang was just a child from an ordinary family and did not have any mutant ability. Previously, he had always been an ordinary employee in a chamber of commerce.
Among his two beasts, the Black-Spotted Tiger was bought with a loan, and the Poison Tail Giant Scorpion was contracted in the beast world.
At that time, he was lucky to find a beast that could fuse with the
Black-Spotted Tiger, so he did not spend much effort to obtain a second beast.
Later on, when he participated in the competition and his ranking got higher and higher, he simply quit his job.
As early as the competition began, some outstanding Beast Tamers had already been poached.
Therefore, Xu Yang was not worried about his future situation.
Previously, people kept coming to look for him, but he didn’t agree because he wanted to wait until the competition ended and the rankings were out before making plans.
Although he had stopped at the top eight, the treatment he received was definitely much better than before.
“Sir, please wait a moment. I can’t give you an answer immediately.”
“No hurry, no hurry-”
After that, he received invitations from several renowned trading companies in Jiangzhou City. There were even people from the Truth Corporation and the Mutant Federation who came looking for him.
These two parties had never come into contact with Xu Yang before.
So much so that after he got their contact information, he still felt that it was unreal.
The Mutant Federation was barely understandable, and it didn’t give him much of a shock.
But the Truth Corporation was different!
This was a colossus that could cover the entire Eastern Continent!
However, when he thought about how the top ten seemed to have a chance of becoming the Dojo Master of a Beast Taming Dojo branch, he felt that such an invitation made sense.
Thinking about the publicly acknowledged status of Lin Ye, it was understandable that the position of the Branch Dojo Master was very important.
“I wonder what the requirements are to become a Dojo Master…’
After muttering to himself, Xu Yang adjusted his mentality and went to the waiting area for the contestants. He began to watch the next match..

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I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe Chapter 835 - Chapter 835: A Child’s Play Skill, But Very Useful! (2)

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