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So, you’ve looked in the mirror and noticed your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be. Our fondness for certain comforts—be it the morning coffee that kickstarts our day, the tea that soothes us, or even the red wine that rounds off an evening—can leave its mark. Over time, these pleasures can dull our teeth’ natural whiteness. While seemingly countless remedies are available, from over-the-counter strips to various DIY hacks popularized on social media, achieving truly satisfying results is a different story. This is where professional teeth whitening shines. Our whitening treatments are a reliable path to achieving that coveted bright smile.

Do I Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Tooth discoloration can be a subtle thief of confidence, gradually dimming your smile’s brightness. While there are many tooth-staining culprits, discoloration generally falls into two primary types: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic discoloration affects the tooth’s enamel, often from consuming coffee, tea, red wine, or other staining foods and drinks. It can also be a product of tobacco use. On the other hand, intrinsic discoloration impacts the tooth’s inner structures. These deeper stains may be a result of certain medications, dental trauma, or aging.

While professional teeth whitening is highly effective in treating extrinsic discoloration, it might not always be the best solution for stubborn intrinsic stains. In cases where internal tooth discoloration is prominent, veneers can be an ideal alternative. Veneers are thin shells custom-made to cover the front surface of your teeth. They offer an enduring way to brighten your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth.

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Understanding your options is key to a brighter smile. Whether you’re considering professional whitening services for surface stains or contemplating veneers to address deeper discoloration, the journey begins with a consultation at our office. Seeking expert advice from Dr. Rodriguez or Dr. Lemieux ensures that your treatment plan is effective and perfectly suited to your needs.

Over-the-Counter Products Don’t Meet Expectations

The dental care aisle can be a dizzying experience, with many whitening products promising the moon. The issue with these off-the-shelf solutions is they’re designed for the masses. They aren’t tailored to individual needs and often lead to less-than-satisfactory results. You might end up with patches of whiteness or even teeth that are more sensitive than before.

Over-the-counter whitening options typically contain lower concentrations of whitening agents than professional treatments. These lower doses limit their effectiveness, especially on deeper or darker stains. Also, these products often require prolonged and consistent use to achieve a noticeable result, leading to frustration and disappointment for those seeking a significant change.

The Efficiency of Professional Teeth Whitening

Unlike over-the-counter treatments, professional teeth whitening uses stronger whitening agents to tackle tougher stains more effectively. Our offices tailor these treatments to your needs, considering factors like the degree of staining, tooth sensitivity, and overall oral health. This personalized approach ensures better results and a safer treatment.

Beyond our treatments’ effectiveness, consulting with a dental professional provides an opportunity to identify the underlying causes of tooth discoloration. Discoloration can sometimes indicate dental health issues that need attention. A professional can guide you to the best solution, whether it’s a whitening treatment, veneers, or addressing an underlying dental condition.

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Our Professional Teeth Whitening Options

As a part of our teeth whitening services, we offer at-home and in-office alternatives tailored for your convenience.

The first step in the whitening process is thoroughly cleaning your teeth and removing any plaque or debris. This step is important to ensure the whitening agents work as effectively as possible. During the in-office treatment, we use our iSmile whitening formula, which is activated under a specialized light. Our application technique is designed to whiten your upper and lower teeth simultaneously. Typically, you will return to our office two more times for the same treatment to achieve optimal results.

For those preferring to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their home, our iSmile take-home kit comes equipped with an LED light that connects to a travel power bank. This innovative feature also allows for connectivity to your phone, offering unparalleled convenience. You’ll use an applicator pen to apply the whitening gel, then activate the LED light for two or three 8-minute sessions per day.

Illuminate Your Smile With Us Today

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities and turn your quest for a brighter smile into a reality, professional guidance is your best ally. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Together, we can uncover your smile’s potential and choose the treatment that will make it shine its brightest.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Union City, NJ | Free Consultations (2)

Diana Rodriguez, DMD

Dr. Diana Rodriguez obtained her degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA, where she graduated in 2004 at the top of her clinical class as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). In 2014, Dr. Rodriguez became a Mini Dental Implant Center of America and shifted her focus to the use of mini dental implants for single- and multi-tooth to full mouth restorations with overdentures and fixed and semi-removable roundhouses.Dr. Rodriguez is a Diplomate and the Vice President of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants and was honored with her Mastership in International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) in 2019. Dr. Rodriguez is also a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the American Dental Association and the New Jersey Dental Association. She is licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York.Dr. Rodriguez lectures extensively on the use of mini dental implants most recently at the International Symposium of Mini Dental Implants alongside Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Dennis Flanagan and Dr. Todd Shatkin. She is also part of the Clinical Faculty at the Postdoctoral Dental Residency Program at the Shatkin Centre in partnership with NYU Langone. Dr. Rodriguez has completed over 600 hours of continuing education in implantology and dental aesthetics, including courses at Shatkin FIRST, the NYU College of Dentistry Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry, the Coppel Dental Academy and the MaxiCourse at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Union City, NJ | Free Consultations (2024)


How much does it cost to whiten teeth in NJ? ›

In-office teeth whitening in New Jersey can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. This option is appealing for last-minute whitening because you can achieve a noticeably whiter smile in less than an hour.

Is professional teeth whitening worth the cost? ›

The answer depends on your goals and budget. Professional teeth whitening is probably your best bet if you're looking for fast, dramatic results. If you're working with a tight budget or are simply interested in trying out a teeth whitening method, then an at-home kit may be a better option.

What happens at teeth whitening consultation? ›

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make a mouthguard and tell you how to use it with a bleaching gel. Then, using your mouthguard at home, you regularly apply the gel for a specified period of time over a few weeks.

How much is teeth whitening in dental clinic? ›

On average, a teeth whitening session in the Philippines may range from Php 3,000 to Php 10,000. This cost variance is influenced by factors such as session duration, chosen products, and the overall process.

Why is teeth whitening at dentist so expensive? ›

All of these whitening methods contain a variety of peroxide compounds, according to the British Dental Bleaching Society. But what makes professional whitening cost a bit more is the difference in the active ingredients found in the whitening agent.

What's the cheapest way to whiten teeth? ›

Over-the-counter options, like whitening toothpastes, strips, and kits, tend to be the cheapest options. If you feel self-conscious about the brightness of your smile, you are far from alone.

How many sessions does it take to whiten your teeth? ›

When choosing in-office teeth whitening, patients often only require one visit annually (at most) to maintain consistently white teeth. Depending on the patient's objectives and the intensity of the stains, the dentist may use multiple applications of the bleaching solution during each session.

How long does a teeth whitening last? ›

With proper care, your brighter smile can last for 1-3 years. A single session may last anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour. The procedure requires applying a specially formulated gel that contains anywhere between 25% to 40% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to whiten the teeth.

What are the cons of teeth whitening? ›

Schedule an appointment with our dentist in Gainesville for more information or a consultation about your specific concerns.
  • Tooth sensitivity. ...
  • Doesn't work on all teeth. ...
  • May exacerbate certain conditions. ...
  • Temporary. ...
  • Don't use if you're pregnant.

Can yellow teeth become white again? ›

What Can Be Done to Whiten Yellow Teeth? If you're looking for a radical change in the coloring of your teeth, you need professional-grade whitening to get the job done. Your cosmetic dentist can provide treatment that penetrates deep into the enamel and removes years of stains with a powerful bleaching agent.

Is it better to go to dentist for teeth whitening? ›

Professional solutions used by your dentist are typically stronger than those in over-the-counter kits, so your teeth may whiten more quickly. They can also make sure that sensitive gums don't get more irritated. Whiteners work only on the tough outer surface of your teeth, enamel.

Is it better to whiten teeth at-home or at dentist? ›

Professional teeth whitening uses a more effective process

This means that the hydrogen peroxide content of your at-home kit is very low, whether you are using toothpaste, liquid filled trays, or strips. Dr. Yalamanchili is able to use a stronger process in her office, typically approved for use by dentists only.

Can hydrogen peroxide be used for teeth whitening? ›

Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive household product you probably have on hand right now. When used carefully, it can be an effective way to whiten your teeth. But if used incorrectly — in concentrations that are too high or if used too often — it can cause serious and sometimes expensive tooth damage.

How can I whiten my teeth at home? ›

Rub banana, orange, or lemon peels:

To perform this “trick,” take a banana, orange, or lemon peel and gently rub it on your teeth. Keep rubbing it for about 2 minutes, then thoroughly wash your mouth and brush your teeth. The peels of these fruits contain citric acid, which theoretically helps in teeth whitening.

How much does Zoom teeth whitening cost? ›

Generally, the entire Zoom WhiteSpeed costs approximately $500, while the Zoom QuickPro costs between $125 and $150. At-home treatments cost less than in-office options. However, they take longer and may not achieve perfect results.

How much does it cost to whiten brown teeth? ›

On average, a whitening session with a dentist will cost between Kshs 3,000 and Kshs 6,000.

Is it cheaper to whiten teeth at-home? ›

Typically, at-home whitening costs less than in-practice whitening. You'll also need to pay for a teeth whitening consultation, to ensure you're suitable for treatment. For an exact cost, contact your local practice who'll be happy to advise you.

Can my dentist whiten my teeth? ›

By applying a professional-grade whitening gel to your teeth and activating the gel with an LED light, your dentist can help you lighten your teeth up to eight shades in a single, 90-minute visit. It's the ideal choice for patients with busy schedules.

How much does a take home teeth whitening kit cost? ›

As take-home whitening kits can be purchased from a dentist or an independent retailer, pricing can vary quite significantly. For professional take-home whitening kits which typically include custom-fitted whitening trays and a supply of whitening gel, the cost is approximately $500 – $800.

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